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Compelling Reasons To Use myvoteinfo

  • Save time locating information (always accessible 24/7).
  • Download to your smart phone or e-tablet and take it with you.
  • More convenient than a printed booklet.
  • Voter can easily access and print only information needed.
  • Environmental savings – trees – air – global warming – carbon footprint.
  • Saves State and County money (potential tax money savings).
  • Can keep you up-to-date if you re-register in the County.
  • Easily accessed by out of state/country registered voters and service voters.
  • Especially convenient for dorm or apartment dwellers where postal delivery can be problematic.
  • When appropriate accessibility software is used it is easier for visually impaired, blind and print disabled voters access larger text and/or audio of Voter Information Pamphlet - Guide.
  • Much easier and simpler for the public to access, navigate and use.
General Public:
  • Allows unregistered voters access to political election information.
  • Based on up-to-date and accurate information a non registered US citizen may be compelled to register to vote.
  • Can be used to educate our youth and the general public overall.
County: (Without existing online e-solution)
  • Site developed and maintained by a company with extensive elections experience.
  • Significant money savings for State and Counties. IT development of website-vbm application, staff time handing out books, staff time answering requests for books, staff time handling mail in VBM requests, cost to mail books, cost difference between printed and e book.
  • Allows flexibility on how to provide this information to voter (online or by printing and mailing an on-demand book)
  • Streamlines election process and ability to provide books on demand to late registrants.
  • Improves staffing efficiencies (saves jobs).
  • Saves competition for IT personnel and costs.
  • Potential for reduction in number of phone calls to handle just before, or on election day, when voters need books.
  • Potentially significant savings for mail ballot costs esp. in light of elimination of SB90 monies.
  • Increases tracking capability of this process for budget purposes.
  • Streamline ability to provide books and polling place info to voters who have moved.
  • Provides, overseas and “out of reach” voters the ability to better receive information.
  • Ability to better serve visually impaired voters with larger type and audio presentations with use of appropriate accessibility software.
County: (Additional benefits for counties with existing online e-solution)
  • was developed to be redundant and complimentary to all county sites.
  • The site was developed for one purpose only; to provide a easy to remember, easy to use, public site with up-to-date election information for the sole purpose of reducing print and mailing costs. This is accomplished by providing an efficient method for registered voters to “opt out” of receiving a printed voter guide and sample ballot pamphlet.
  • As an additional benefit the county does not have to order extra printed books because as long as they have provided the PDF’s for their counties sample books we can produce books “on demand” and mail them within a 72 hour period.
  • The main strength of the site is its ease of use and navigation which will provide a much higher level of registered voters “opting out”. - Copyright 2011