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Digital e-VoterGuideTM for On Line Election Information has been designed for voters to efficiently access up to date election information on line as well as save our county governments much needed money and resources. The digital e-VoterGuide provides voters with a simple means of electronically accessing election sample ballots and voter guide/pamphlet information specific to their party, district address, and language. A registered voter can also make the decision to "Opt Out" of having a Sample Ballot Booklet mailed to them and instead have the same information available electronically on line 24/7. When the Voter makes the decision to "Opt Out" of receiving a Sample Ballot Book in the mail and access their digital e-VoterGuide it has the potential of saving counties millions of dollars as well as improving our environment by eliminating the print on paper process.

Key Features and Benefits of the e-VoterGuideTM:

Instant 24/7 access (Voter can access and print information at their convenience)
Once you make the decision to access an electronic sample ballot or voter guide pamphlet you will be able to review the up to date and specific election information related to your district address at any time and at your convenience.
Never worry about losing or misplacing your election information as it is always available 24/7 to you on your computer. All election material is available as the widely universal PDF format where you can access and print only the pages you are interested in or even search the document.
Privacy Protection is not an information gathering web site and will never provide personal data to outside commercial interests. The information you are providing to access your e-VoterGuide is fully protected by Federal and State regulations as well as NASPO, "North American Security Products Organization" standards and protocols.
Ease of Use
Simple use buttons allow you to easily navigate to the election information you need in your chosen language. Also, you can choose to print all or just some of the pages you want to study and/or mark up.
Visual Impaired Enhancement
Allows a visually impaired voter to easily enlarge the text size for easier reading.
Difficult To Reach Voters
Postal delivery can be problematic for Military, overseas registered voters, dorm or apartment dwellers. makes it easy to access the e-VoterGuide for up to date election information.
Up to Date Election Information
The e-VoterGuide information is only for the most recent and updated election information. Generally you can view archives of previous election information on your county's web site.
Going Green - Go Paperless
Saves paper plus the costs of print and mailing. - Copyright 2011